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Swingman Comments and Reviews

     ".... Joe, you are a really fine writer ... seems to me you've got a real gift ... really deft with the language for sure, also, with characterization and structure.  I was entirley impressed ... you can really write...."
Joan Barfoot - renowned author and professional book reviewer
(Books in Canada First Novel Award, 1992 Marian Engel Award, 2001 Shortlist, Trillium Book Award for Critical Injuries, 2002 Longlist Man  Booker Prize for Critical Injuries, 2005 Nominee, Scotiabank Giller Prize for Luck.

     ".... as good as most work you'll find on the best seller list .... Swingman is a novel I have been privileged to read in a number of its different stages.  I can attest to the craftsmanship and care with which it has been taken apart and put together again, reshaped to increase the suspense, and to maintain the consistency of detail.  All this allows the reader, finally, to put the characters into the context of their world and at least glimpse the larger patterns of why things happened as they did .... a comment or two on the writing itself, clearly one of the book's strengths. While language is used effectively to create atmosphere, the real achievement may be in the dialogue. Characters reveal themselves in the very clichés of their speech and in their vocabulary. Words are handled with respect and care. Who says what, and how it is said, is a carefully measured dimension of the book.  When people speak directly, the tension builds and the story advances; the screenplay for Swingman is not far below the surface of the book itself ...." 

James Good - former Dean of Arts and Professor Emeritus of English, University of Western Ontario (now, "Western University").
(for full review by Jim Good, click here)

     ".... I was impressed with the psychiatrist session scenes in Swingman. The doctor's methods and advice are truly realistic...."
Anita O'Keefe - psychotherapist, London, Ontario


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