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Music Demos from Swingman CD

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Groovin' at the Vanguard
Losers' Lounge
Charlotte's Song
Blues for Joe B
Simply Copacetic
Waltz for Wendy
Tears for George
Paseo en la Playa

This CD of original music, produced, composed, arranged, and performed by Joe Edmonds* was produced to complement his soon-to-be published novel, Swingman. Each song title is either a direct reference to a chapter, or character, or scene in the book. The idea was to capture the atmosphere and moods of the golden age of bebop and post-bop jazz, with most of the songs being composed as "contrafacts", based on popular standards. This form of composition has the writer taking the chord progression from a published song and writing a new melody on those chords, with some harmonic additions or amendments to better fit the new melody. This writing technique was a common practice with many jazz greats such as Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie, Sonny Rollins, et al.
*(piano comping by Anita O'Keefe on "Rhythmajig" and "Wendy's Waltz")

Contrafact Details:
The songs (and composers) from which the material on the CD is "built from":

Groovin' at the Vanguard (Autumn Leaves - Joseph Kosma)
Losers' Lounge (Basic minor blues form, popular with John Coltrane and many others)
Charlotte's Song (Angel Eyes - Matt Dennis)
Blues for Joe B. (basic blues similar to Charlie Parker's writing style)
Simply Copacetic (Modal, mostly Dorian, mix of Bebop and Post Bop style licks)
Waltz for Wendy (Moon River - Henry Mancini)
Tears for George (Song for my Father - Horace Silver)
Rhythmajig (I've Got Rhythm - George Gershwin)
Paseo en la Playa (Caravan - Juan Tizol)
Nora (Blue Moon - Richard Rodgers)
Swingman (Mr. PC - John Coltrane)

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