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     Swingman is character-driven literary fiction with strong elements of suspense, woven with threads of truth from a professional musician's life experiences: a chronicle of how careless choices in
life and love can lead to grievous consequences. With realism few authors have achieved with books involving the arts, this story of two jazz men and their decades-long friendship immerses the reader in the musicians' singular world.  As one reader put it: "You can almost hear the music ... and taste the stale, smoky nightclub air . . ."

     This saga of obsession, deceit, lost love, and wasted genius has the atmosphere of the films Round Midnight and Bird, with the time-shifting elements of Catch 22. Against a backdrop of bars and jazz lounges in Montreal, New York, Miami, and Las Vegas, the story unfolds over forty years, told from separate viewpoints on a collision course with destiny. The chapters are like a collection of short stories: tributaries converging into a powerful river of understanding . . . surging toward a conclusion few readers will guess.

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