Joe Edmonds
Smooth Jazz, Swing, Dixie and Latin Jazz, Classical ... Duos to 7-piece bands: Concerts, Clubs, Parties, Receptions and Wedding Services
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Multiple nominee for the
Jack Richardson Awards
"jazz musician of the year"

Joe had the honour of recording all horns on Skip Prokop's (drummer/leader of Lighthouse) new CD,
Smoothside ... which won Best Jazz Album of the Year
at the 2012 Hamilton Music Awards

Joe's novel, SWINGMAN is now available for purchase in print and e-book editions
a brand new CD
of all-original music to complement the book has been completed.




“... One of the most sensitive, tasteful and ‘melodic’ sax players I’ve ever heard ... and I’ve worked with   some of the best.”
                (Skip Prokop, drummer/founder/leader of Canada’s most successful jazz-rock band, Lighthouse)

“... I’ve known and enjoyed working with Joe for many years. It’s rare in the music world to see someone  perform on so many different instruments ... and play each one so well.”
              (Sandy MacKay, drummer, and musical director of London Library’s “Jazz for the People” series)

“... When I heard Joe play his horn, it made me appreciate the beautiful sound a great musician can draw from his instrument ... so much in fact I decided to buy my own and learn to play!”
(Keith Moriarity, former sales manager, Energy 103 and the Hawk - CORUS Ent.)

“... Always one of our favourite musicians and vocalists  ... a real crowd pleaser.” 
                (Al Burton, President, London Jazz Society)